Dear SPCS Members,

The SPCS National Executive Committee is requesting all SPCS high school graduates who have been accepted and will be attending college for further education to submit their application for SPCS Education Scholarship/Financial-Aid.

Please see below for more information.

  1. 1. SCHOLARSHIP - One-time scholarship award based on SAT / ACT score
    Number of winners/awards and amount are listed below:
    A. SAT 1st , 2nd , 3rd : $2500,$1500,$1000 for SAT and best SPCS essay.
    B. ACT 1st , 2nd , 3rd : $2500,$1500,$1000 for ACT and best SPCS essay.
    Note: In the event of a tie, amount will be distributed equally to all winners.
  2. 2. NEEDS-BASED FINANCIAL AID - One-time financial aid award
    Number of winners/awards and amount are listed below:
    Only six students will receive this one time aid of $1000 each.
    1. 1. SPCS Life Member - Applicant’s Parent must be SPCS Life Member. (To become a life member, please complete online application)
    2. 2. 2020 graduate - Only 2020 high school graduates are eligible to apply.
    3. 3. Deadline – Application must be submitted by 09/30/2020.
    4. 4. Application – Click on the appropriate button to complete the application online. Please submit the application with all required documents and completed essay. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

All eligible students are encouraged to apply for SPCS scholarships and/or financial aid.The ongoing success of this program depends on the support of our members. If you can sponsor this program fully or partially, your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Parents, please encourage your children to apply for this financial program and pass the information to your SPCS friend who might have eligible children in college, or who might be in financial need.

Success of this program depends on your generous support to fund this program. Anyone can sponsor this program fully or partially for lifetime memory of your loved one. Your “ful nahito ful ni pankhadi” is greatly accepted with a promise to use your hard-earned money for right cause. Please mail your generous donation payable to SPCS Education Fund at following address. Your suggestion for improvement of this program is most welcome.

Please contact Mitesh Patel at to send your generous donation payable to SPCS Education Fund.

We also welcome any suggestion to help us improve this program.

Please send any question to


Pankaj Ramani