Financial Aid

Due Date : September 30th, 2020
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Document to enclose:
  • If you applying for SAT / ACT base scholarship, please enclose your SAT / ACT score & high school grade transcripts with any other activity/achievements you have during high school.
  • If you applying for Income base financial Aid, please enclose all following documents
    1. 1. W2 FORM for your Father & Mother.
    2. 2. Tax return for last year (Individual, Joint, and Business).
    3. 3. High School Grade Transcript.
    4. 4. College admission letter.
    5. 5. Birth certificate for you and all your brother and sister.
  • Please write an essay on SPCS and send with SPCS Youth Survey below.
Document to Enclose Only allow jpg,png,jpeg,pdf,doc,docx,xls,xlsx,bmp,csv
w2 forms of parent's 
Tax return for last year 
High School Grade Transcripts 
College admission letter 
Essay on SPCS (Please answer)

What does Samaj mean to you?

What role has Samaj played in your personal and cultural growth?

What can you contribute to help shape the future of our Samaj to meet the needs of our people and the communities we live in?

Other Relevant Document 
SPCS Youth Survey: (Must Fill-out)
What can SPCS do to get greater engagement from its members?
What type of activities/events would you participate in if they were available through SPCS?
How many and which SPCS events have you attended in past 12 months?
How long have you been in the United States?
Do you live with your parents? YES No Who do you live with? Full name and relationship
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